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 Welcome to the website of
Combermere Lodge No. 752

on the Register of the United Grand Lodge of England

“English Freemasonry in Victoria, Australia”

All Freemasons in good standing are welcome to visit us. 

This site provides information on the principles, history and aims of Freemasonry and its services.

Freemasonry? What’s it all about?

Forthcoming meetings can be found here.

Combermere Coat of Arms PM Jewel

Most areas of this site are available to public view, including some parts intended for the use of Freemasons.If you have any questions or comments about membership, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Master: W.Bro. Chris Davis

Senior Warden: W.Bro. Doug Groom

Junior Warden: Bro. Wayne Foster

Almoner: W.Bro. Andy Warner

Secretary: W.Bro. Michael Burrell


A way forward for men of today

ivalda Masonic Centre

Regular meetings are held at the:

The Ivalda Masonic Centre
42 Salisbury Avenue
IVANHOE Victoria 3079

Hall telephone number:

(03) 9499 1142

We meet on the 3rd Tuesday in February, April, June, August, October & December.
Installation June.

If attending the Festive Board of the Lodge, a dining fee of AU$25 is payable