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Combermere Lodge, the only English Constitution Lodge in Victoria, presented Graeme Bates, Captain of the Healesville CFA with a cheque for $1000.

Don Forbes, Don Cunningham, Roy Bennett and Jim Craney, all members of Combermere Lodge, went to Healesville to personally make this presentation to Captain of the Brigade, Graeme Bates.

Charitable works within our community is a large part of what Freemasons do. Lodges all over Australia and New Zealand, including Combermere Lodge have made generous contributions to the Bushfire Appeal which is organised and co-ordinated by the United Grand Lodge of Victoria.

Combermere Lodge is proud to be associated with The United Grand Lodge  England, who on behalf on English Freemasonry worldwide made  tribution to the Bushfire Appeal of 15,000 pounds sterling.

A big thank you to Roy Bennett, a Healesville resident, who alerted Combermere Lodge to the plight of the Healesville CFA.

A significant contribution has been made by our Lodge and it’s members. Amongst other activities, a recent family day BBQ was held and the proceeds of which were also added to our contribution.

There were also generous contributions through the collective effort of our English Lodges in the District of North Island New Zealand.